Clues They’re Cheating

Clues They’re Cheating

Clues that your significant other may be cheating is important to keep an eye out for. Now I’m not saying become a crazy controlling spouse. No one likes being with a clingy accuser, BUT if your gut is telling you something you know it’s only right to listen.

Clues They’re Cheating: What to Look For

So what are these signs that we should be looking out for? I’ll tell you, there are plenty, a few of them being:

  • Behavior change

They start showering you with gifts, buying you expensive things out of the blue. Maybe even the opposite of that, they may start picking fights with you about little things here and there.

  • They’re withdrawn

There may be a change in their routine you stat to notice. Instead of conversing with you after work they go straight to their room, or they may be constantly going to their moms house to get away. Sometimes with this kind of thing it may just be better to communicate and see what’s going on. But if things don’t change..there may be something up!

  • Catching them in constant lies

They’ll tell you they’re working late, or that they’re meeting up with their friends. But then you find out they weren’t really at work late or they weren’t with their friends hanging out that night. So where are they really??

  • Their PHONES

I cannot stress this enough of how important privacy is. Myself personally, I have never looked through an old boyfriends phone. I’ve always learned to trust and respected their privacy. As for some old boyfriends, they loved going through my phone without asking. Now I never had anything to hide, or gave a reason to be sketchy, I just felt it’s more appropriate to ask first before snatching up my phone with my back turned, and going through it without permission. BUT that does not excuse certain behavior that points out the obvious of what could possibly be going on in your spouses phone.

They Become Sneaky

They may constantly delete their call history, text messages, even pictures! Our favorite thing to say is people  have three different lives. Their public life, their private life, and their secret life that only they know about. In most relationships you already know most about your spouse, public and private. Do you know their secret life? Search for the clues! I’m not saying everyone’s secret life is bad, but it doesn’t hurt to pay a bit of attention to the shadiness going on.

What to do About it

We all know someone cheating is going to wipe their phone as clean as possible. Is it really wiped clean, though? Lucky for YOU we can find out! Our technicians are capable of pulling off deleted info off of a phone, laptop, ipad/ipods, etc.

Maybe it’s time to get the answers you want. Call us today at (888)-393-7799 to speak with an investigator today! Or visit our website and hire us at


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