Family First

We all know family comes first in most situations. Especially when it comes to getting a divorce and there are children involved. But are you sure you are aware of the different types of custody one can have while getting that divorce?

     Family First: Custody Battle

Family First: Custody Battle

Family First: Custody Battle

There are two different kinds of custody somebody can have. There is joint custody or sole custody. Now with joint custody both parents have both legal and physical custody. There’s physical custody, the children/child living with the parent who decides the primary residence of their children/child. They are responsible for providing the child with food, shelter, etc. Then there is legal custody. The parents decide on the child’s education, health care issues,  religion, or any other issues that may go on in the child’s life. Sole custody the parent can have either legal custody or physical custody of the child, or the parent just gets both. In most cases the parents will share joint custody and on parent will have both legal and physical custody, and the other parent will just have physical custody. That way the child can spend time with both parents.

When it comes to having a family, not everyone is always married. Unmarried couples that split up the sole custody automatically goes to the mother, until the father takes action. So what does it take to show that a mother is unfit to have sole custody of your child? There are plenty of ways.

Now I’m not talking about the kind of people that actually do take care of their kids, and are good mothers. We are not a business that destroys families, and we will not tolerate clients who are out to destroy someones life for their own pleasure. I’m talking about the type that doesn’t take care of their children. Maybe they’re out partying all the time, drinking and driving, constantly leaving the kids with grandma or grandpa to hang out with friends 24/7 while you could be spending time with them. Those are the kind of things you want to get proof of.

The Proof You Need

There are a million different situations you could be in the middle of. Let’s say you have only joint custody of your child and your ex is hanging around drug dealers or out partying all night long, never taking care of your kids. We get the proof that you need so you can fight for your rights in court. Maybe you’re a grandparent and you want custody of your grandchild because neither parents are fit for taking care of a child, let alone taking care of themselves. Like I said, there are a million different situations. You just have to decide what’s in the best interest for the child.

You can go a long way as far as getting evidence to win your case. Pictures, videos, GPS records…everything you need to prove that your child does not deserve to be put around terrible situations like this. Save your family, and let us help you do so!

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