How To Catch A Player

How To Catch A Player

How To Catch A Player
How To Catch A Player

Stop getting played by a player. Find out who they really are and reveal them before it’s too late.

Sometimes, you meet a really great guy, but there is something just a bit off about his behavior. Then you realize you are being played. A charming guy has a smooth way of getting girls to fall for him, but charm is one of a player’s key characteristics and in this case, it’s not a good quality. He may seem charismatic, but a player will say almost anything it takes to get you to like him and hopefully trust him so he can then pull the wool over your eyes.

A Player is a term for someone who is unlikely to be faithful, trustworthy, or respectful in a relationship. He may seem honest and genuine, but given enough time, it is expected that he will “play” his significant other.

How To Spot A Player

Here are the 3 top ways to spot a player:

  1. No Strings Attached: If he says “we’re just having fun” when you ask him what the deal is with you two, run. This means that you have become a “friend with benefits.” He probably isn’t looking for anything remotely serious.
  2. My momma don’t like you and she likes everyone: Justin Bieber said it best “My momma don’t like you and she likes everyone.”  Listen closely to your Mother and close friends. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news here but, if your friends don’t like the guy you are dating, he isn’t going to be the one for you.
  3. Crazy Ex-Girlfriends: Strange how almost every ex-girlfriend who was cheated on ends up being called “crazy” by the guy who wronged her. If he refers to every girl he’s ever dated as a “psycho”, there is a red flag. It’s possible that this girl is stalking him for no reason. But, odds are he’s using the excuse of her being “mentally unstable”. Thus trying to avoid explaining how badly he screwed her over. Yes, everyone makes a mistake, but someone who has changed their ways owns up to it. A player will blame everyone but himself.

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