Is Someone Stalking You?

Is Someone Stalking You?

Is Someone Stalking You?

Is Someone Stalking You?

Is Someone Stalking You?

We all know what stalking is. You never know when someone is watching you. We always get the feeling but we are never really sure. It’s time to find out if someone is stalking you.

Whether it be someone installing a bug such as a camera or a device to listen in on your conversations, we have the technology to find what you need. Maybe someone has been following you around but you can’t get proof of it.

7.5 million people are stalked in the U.S. within a YEAR. Statistics show that 61% are women and 44% are men that are victims of being stalked by their current or former intimate partner. Can you imagine?? Maybe you are imagining right now, and that’s why you’re sitting here reading this right now thinking you’re going crazy. well you’re not! There are a lot of crazies in the world and you know you’re not one of them. Let us help you get the proof and safety you need.

You’re not alone in this. I myself once had an ex who just couldn’t get over the fact that we weren’t going to be together anymore. It wasn’t easy for somebody so possessive and controlling to learn how to just let go. He would follow the bars I went to with my friends, drive past my house at night, call my phone all day and all night and send nasty texts messages to me. I was worried that he would do something, my business is my business, and they say it’s better to be safe than sorry. I had warned this person to stay away from me multiple times and to stop contacting me. It got to the point where I eventually had to file for a PPO against my ex.

What are my options for a PPO?

Now there are three different types of PPO’s someone can file for.

The domestic relationship PPO

-If you have a domestic relationship with the abuser:

  • They are your current or ex spouse
  • Your child’s other parent
  • Someone you live with or used to live with
  • Someone you have dated romantically

Now in order to file this PPO you must show the court that the abuser is likely to assault, threaten, harass, or stalk you. You MUST also show that you have a domestic relationship with this person.

The non-domestic PPO (stalking)

-This protects you from stalking if there is no domestic relationship between you and the abuser. You must show that there have been at least TWO incidents of stalking. This includes following you, unwanted phone calls, texts, emails, mail, repeatedly showing up at your work or home, even constant harassment through social media.

The non-domestic PPO (sexual)

-This protects you from a person who has been convicted of sexually assaulting you, or a person who has threatened to sexually assault you.

Once you get any of these PPO’s against someone it prohibits them from entering your home or place, assaulting, threatening, or beating you, buying or having a gun, stalking you, any specific behavior that interferes with your personal freedom or that makes you reasonably afraid of something violent happening to you.

How can I get my proof?

Now let’s get into the important stuff here. How can you get the proof you need that someone is stalking you? It all has to do with your situation. GPS records can show where someone goes at all times in their vehicles. Maybe this person is following you to the store, out to eat with friends, the bars late at night. They’re showing up places they shouldn’t be, watching you. Maybe they even go as far as sitting outside your home and your work place 24/7. A lot of issues in this generation comes from technology. You’re getting phone calls all day and all night long, unwanted texts messages, emails…this person may even be going as far as harassing you through social media. It’s time to take a stand and fight back.

Let us help you, from pictures, videos, and GPS records to call logs, texts messages, and bug sweeps on your home, work place, even your vehicle.

It is so easy nowadays for someone to go and buy a camera too little to spot, so easy. With our bug sweeping tools we have solved many cases of stalking. We have found bugs in peoples houses, their offices, even their cars. Always listen to your gut feeling. Like I said before, better safe than sorry.

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