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Are They Peacocking When You Aren’t Around?

Are They Peacocking When You Aren’t Around?

Are They Peacocking?

Are They Peacocking?

Peacocking is a term used to describe the act of wearing bright, flashy, attention getting clothing. Just like Peacock’s use their feathers to get a mate.

Flashy rides in the first place was to let women know they were on the prowl.
research showed that people who buy big, flashy things are usually men who are less interested in investing a great deal in women and more interested in casual sex.

Public Display of Peacocking

“Let me help you with that”
Men use public good deeds as a way to impress women. Nothing warms a female heart like seeing a man helping an elderly person cross the road or lifting a stranger’s buggy up a flight of stairs. However, It seems that men perform good deeds only as an attempt to impress women.

Dubbed ‘peacocking’ after the male peacocks display of its colourful tail to impress the female, new research also demonstrates that the more attractive the woman, the more grand and frequent the good deeds.

It seems that while men perform more good acts if they are being watched by the opposite sex, the same is not true of women, who perform the same regardless of whether they are being watched.

Are They Peacocking When You Aren’t Around?

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