Can You Have Everything, yet still feel unfulfilled and Unhappy?

Can You Have Everything, yet still feel unfulfilled and Unhappy?

Unfulfilled and Unhappy

Unfulfilled and Unhappy

Some people get everything they could have ever wanted in life, and still end up unfulfilled and unhappy?

There are times when even though you could have everything you imagined, everything you ever thought you needed to have a good life, you’re not happy. You feel lonely, or restless all the time, or bored and tired of life. Suffering from depression may be the reason. It’s hard to exactly pinpoint a time at which you started feeling unhappy with life in spite of having so much.

Unfulfilled and Unhappy

Don’t look outside of yourself for happiness. You won’t find it there. You will only find true happiness inside. We often interact with things which conjure a sense of happiness. But! That happiness did not come from those things. No, that happiness came from inside of you. It was only coaxed out by something which you enjoyed. But those things go away, and then we are left without happiness — or so it feels. You must grow your happiness, tend to it like a garden. Do things that make you happy, yes, but do not rely on those things for happiness. Sit silently and see what comes. Stay determined in your inner search, and you will find it. Peace.

It’s the relationship you have with yourself along the way, and your ability to enjoy the process of wherever it is you are going.

As long as you think it’s all going to be “wonderful and perfect” at the end, you will always be unsatisfied.

There is no “end.”

If you are dating or married to someone who is unfulfilled and unhappy, changes are they are cheating.

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