Distortion Of Reality Can Chip Away At Your Self Worth

Distortion Of Reality Can Chip Away At Your Self Worth

Your Self Worth

Your Self Worth

Instagram is the most damaging social media platform when it comes to people’s mental health. This distortion of reality can chip away at Your Self Worth.

It negatively affects sleep quality, body image and self esteem, triggering feelings of inadequacy, FOMO (Fear of missing out), anxiety and depression.

Your Self Worth

We are constantly under pressure. The pressure to be cool, to be beautiful, to be popular, to be engaged, to be rich, to be happy, to be perfect and have a perfect life. But perfection is not reality. This distortion of reality can chip away at your self worth.

Social networking sites and apps are negatively impacting mental health. It’s causing anxiety, depression, self-identity, and body image issues. The photo-filtering features are one of the main culprits. Seeing everyone else through rose-colored (or Valencia-filtered) glasses. This tends to make people feel bad about their own lives and bodies as a result. Thus negatively influencing Your self worth.

After scrolling down your feed, how do you feel? Chances are you feel pretty horrible. How many of you feel ugly, inadequate or like your life isn’t good enough? There’s a desperate need for truth and honesty. These photo shopped versions of reality are toxic.

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