Custodial Kidnapping

Custodial Kidnapping

Custodial Kidnapping

Custodial kidnapping is when a parent without custody of their child takes the child from the parent with sole custody.

In most cases for child custody, a lot of parents struggle. Most judges take the mothers side in these situations of a battle custody.

We have had cases before where parents have came to us that their ex is stalking them, following them into stores, driving past their houses, showing up to their kids school, etc. We are able to conduct surveillance and confirm this. Get the proof you need to show the court what is happening.

In some battle custody’s, it is important to show how irresponsible a parent is being. Now parents like to have fun too obviously, but is someone maybe taking it a little too far? Drinking and driving with your kids in the car, bringing them around drugs, or bringing them to an unsafe environment. In other cases, the parent could be abusive. They don’t feed their kids, never taking them to school, they’re not bathed, teeth aren’t brushed, hair isn’t combed and maybe you’ve even been finding bruises on your child. These are all definite signs of child abuse, and it unfortunately is not the first time we’ve seen it.

I have also talked about before about the nanny cams. It was a huge thing because children were getting abused at home or daycare. This could be being avoided by one of the parents, simply because they just don’t care. People will manipulate and act like they care about the right things, but they don’t. I’m not going to rant on and on about what makes someone a good or bad parent, but it is important to know the signs.

It is also important to know about the signs of an angry parent who is planning a custodial kidnap. If you know anyone or suspect a victim of custodial kidnapping call us today and speak with one of our investigators (888)-393-7799

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