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GPS tracking is a popular thing for most people nowadays. A lot of people have each others locations on their phones so they can see where someone is at all times. Or some people refuse to share their location with their significant other.

A lot of times the signal for a location app bounces from cell phone tower to cell phone tower and the chances of getting a direct location on someone is very slim. Other times people will turn off their location and claim their phone was dead or they didn’t have service so they can get away with sneaking off somewhere they aren’t supposed to.

GPS trackers are used for many different cases. We use them to catch cheating spouses, child custody cases, to see if someone is following you, etc.

What Is GPS Used For?

In most cases with cheating spouses, it’s easy for us to track where someone is going around their work schedule. They’ll tell you they’re working late and their phone died, but really they’re going out and about with someone else going to a hotel, a restaurant, or out to the movies! They think they’re slick but our GPS trackers can track them the whole time to where they’re really going and what they’re really doing.

In child custody cases, most people aren’t supposed to be drinking around their children. With the GPS tracking devices we can see where someone is going at all times. Are they going out to bars a lot? Going over a friends house and drinking? You want to make sure your children are safe and not in the backseat of someone who has been drinking and driving. Sometimes your ex has a new significant other that you don’t trust around your kids. You know they have a criminal record, maybe they’re into drugs or aren’t supposed to be at the house around your kids. Maybe you want to know what it is they’re doing, where they’re going, if they’re dangerous. These are cases we deal with every day, cases we help people with for the safety of their children.

Now, as for someone following you around…this has happened before. You get those crazy exes, or someone you rejected, or maybe even someone that might be jealous of you. We’ve seen it all! People can be so crazy sometimes, and it’s not even a full moon!! You have them driving back and forth past your house, showing up around your work place, or even following you out to the bars with your friends! It can be scary, uncomfortable, and dangerous. GPS tracking can help get proof that someone is stalking you and can even help file a PPO against someone through the court. Better safe than sorry, is what I always say.

100% Legal

GPS tracking is only legal for a licensed PI to do. It is not encouraged to do this on your own. It is possible that someone could be tracking you with their own GPS device. Our forensic technician has done bug sweeps on vehicles before, and has found a GPS tracker on multiple cars. If you believe that you are being tracked, it is important to call someone right away. Find out if your car may have a tracking device on it.

Okay, now I’m not saying get all crazy and track where your spouse is going every second of the day. It’s good to have trust in your relationship, but what if you’re not getting the same back? A guilty partner shows through their mistrust with you. That’s always one of the first possible signs of your spouse cheating.

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