GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is illegal for someone who is an unlicensed private investigator, to do. Plenty of people use GPS tracking. It may not be an actual device. A common thing for someone to use is the phone apps nowadays.

With these phone apps they are not 100% accurate. They bounce off other cell phone towers, never giving an accurate location. Or other times people can turn their locations off, the other person not knowing where they really are.

GPS trackers are used for many different cases. Cases such as cheating, child custody, verifying a location, etc.

Is someone not going where they say they’re going? Maybe you suspect they’re going other places after work when they tell you they’re staying after hours. Often times people will lie about their locations, in fact they just lie in general. So our clients come to us to find out the truth.

People will say they’re working late and end up going to a hotel, fancy restaurants, the movies, etc. In reality they’re meeting up with people, creating a relationship. Cheating on their spouses.

A lot of times cheating spouses tend to go to the malls. They want to buy their other significant other nice things such as jewelry, watches, clothes, nice shoes, etc. They spend money that their spouses make for someone else they’re cheating with.

Not everyone that says they’re going to one place and end up at another are cheating. Sometimes plans change, things fall through, and before you know it you end up elsewhere. But unfortunately that’s not the case most of the time. Most people in relationships get curious about where their spouse is going, who they’re seeing, and if they are cheating!

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