Missing Person

Missing Persons

These types of cases are very low priority. Mostly because the authorities are already working on homicides, assault cases, robberies, traffic violations, and preventing more crime from continuing.

2,300 people go missing every. This doesn’t include people that go missing outside of the country traveling, or the ones who are never reported missing. Most missing persons cases are never solved. In fact most people go missing because of human trafficking.

Human Trafficking

There are two types of human trafficking, that are both driven by supply and demand. There is sex trafficking and labor trafficking. Sex trafficking is when a minor is sexually exploited. It’s been proven that 1 in 6 children runaways were sex trafficking victims.

Sex traffickers will try to lure people in by using fake job opportunities such as dancing or modeling. There are plenty of false advertisements all over the internet nowadays. Many look promising to teenage girls, when really it’s a scam and a set up. No one likes having to be the nosy parent. But, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Labor trafficking is forcing someone into labor work. Examples are working on big farms, in homes as a servant, or in a factory with inhumane conditions with little to no pay at all. Labor traffickers will promise someone a high paying job, education, or the chance to travel luring people into horrible work conditions. They use physical and mental abuse and will confiscate passports. Therefore, leaving a person to feel that they have no choice but to continue to work.


The reason I talk so much about human trafficking is because it is so easy for someone to get snatched up, just like that. We hear all these stories about people late at night in a parking lot getting chased by a van, or someone being followed in a store, someone drugging someones drink at the club, etc.

Missing persons cases have been brought to us before, did your child runaway from home? Maybe you know someone who ran away from home or your friend has gone missing.

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