Other Woman

Other Woman

The Other Woman

We’ve all seen the movie “The Other Woman”? Well most of us have. That’s a lot like how our cases go. You find out he’s cheating and you’re in denial, but then it’s time to get sneaky.

In most cases when someone is cheating it’s usually just with one other person. Sometimes it can be multiple women, always random. Or other times some men can have relationships with multiple women! GROSS! When a man has a relationship with multiple women, he can only keep it hidden for so long. People get sloppy and lazy, they slip up. They start to forget what they told who, and often times they end up getting caught. But what about the ones who have been doing this a lifetime?

When someone’s cheating, they’re going to be spending a lot of money. Renting hotel rooms, buying gifts, going out to fancy restaurants, anything you can really think of. A lot of people will try to hide money and set it aside because they plan on divorcing. Some will hide away money just to have it in case they get caught cheating. We have seen it all, and we have caught people in the process of it!

So the movie I was talking about. Now I don’t want to spoil it for anyone although it has been out for a while. Basically Cameron Diaz was dating someone, only to find out the whole time he was married. Not only was he married and dating her, but they found out he was dating ANOTHER woman. I know a lot of people watched it thinking “How could he get away with all this right under his wife’s nose?” Well….it happens ALL the time, believe it or not. It’s sad but it’s true. Time and time again we have women come here to hire us to catch their spouses cheating. We find out they have relationships with not just one other woman but two or three.

It’s hard to watch someone go through something like this. It’s not just the wife that ends up hurt, but other women who were made to believe they were the only one in the relationship. Getting proof can go a long way. GPS trackers, surveillance, bank searches even computer forensics have helped us get the proof we want and need. There’s nothing better than seeing the look on someones face, after discovering everything they’ve been planning.

You know the kind of treatment you deserve. If your spouse is cheating, there’s more you can take back from them besides their dignity. Don’t let them walk away with your money too. Let us help.

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