Workers Comp

Workers Comp

Workers Comp

Workers comp is an insurance policy for workers that are hurt on the job.

In a lot of our cases our clients come to us to prove that any employees who claim an injury, aren’t really injured. People will use the time off they have to either do activities they’re not supposed to due to their injury, or they will even go on the job with other companies, etc.

GPS tracking and conducting surveillance has been a huge part of cracking cases like these. Fake injuries are the third largest fraud in America.

Plenty of people fake an injury in result to them getting this insurance due to this policy.

The number one employer fraud is claiming that employees work less hazardous jobs than they do. A contractor might classify a welder as a secretary to pay lower premiums. Hidden employees is the number two employer scam. This happens when a business falsely says full-time workers are independent contractors who do not require workers’ comp coverage.

Workers Comp: How do fake claims work?


  1. Hurt off the job. Workers get injured off the job, but say they’re hurt at work so their workers comp policy covers the medical bills. A person might hurt his neck lifting a heavy box while cleaning the attic. Or maybe sprains an ankle during a softball game. Then he pretends the injury happened at the loading dock at work.
  2. Inflated injuries. A worker has a fairly minor job injury – maybe a slight twinge in her lower back — but insists her back is seriously sprained. This lets the worker collect more workers comp money and stay off the job longer.
  3. Fake injuries. Some workers simply invent injuries. Soft-tissue injuries such as muscle problems with the back and neck are popular scams. They’re hard to disprove, and thus are easier to get away with.
  4. Old injury. Sometimes a worker with an old injury that never quite healed will claim he just got hurt on the job. A damaged knee or shoulder, for instance.
  5. Malingering. Basically, this is goldbricking. Staying at home longer by pretending you’re still disabled, even though you’ve healed enough to return to work.

If you suspect someone is faking their on the job injury in order to take advantage of their worker comp please call us today to speak with an investigator (888)-393-7799

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