Worldwide Cheaters

Worldwide Cheaters

Worldwide Cheaters
Worldwide Cheaters

Worldwide cheaters exist. People that constantly travel are known to cheat a lot. I’m not accusing anybody, but it is a common thing and something we see a lot.

Maybe your spouse travels a lot with a coworker. Constantly in and out of the state, staying at hotels with this coworker, their life revolves around this person more than it revolves around work. Something I’ve been hearing a lot from clients lately, they say “When you know something is up, you know”. I think it’s an instinct thing when you can tell something is wrong in your marriage. I always try to ask for what kind of signs they may be looking at, that their spouse is cheating. This has been the answer lately, for most people.

Worldwide Cheaters

Sometimes people that travel will be going out while on a business trip. They may just be random hook ups. Or it could be the other way around! Maybe you’re the one traveling a lot and you believe your spouse is the one sneaking around.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty close with my neighbors. We all look out for each other, and if something was up they would be calling me right away. Your spouse may be inviting someone over while you’re away. Maybe they are posting on social media pictures of them going out, and there’s nothing wrong with that! But why is it the only time they do so, is when you’re away? Hmmmm..could it be a sign they might be cheating?

We had a client years back who lived out of state. Our clients spouse was flying into state and they wanted proof that they were cheating. We ended up following the subject to a different state, with the person they were cheating with. Out of everything that was going down, we had to figure out what hotel they were staying in, where they were going out to, and if they really were cheating. It’s pretty obvious when someone travels out of state with someone else, while they told their spouse (our client) they were staying elsewhere, that they’re cheating. But it’s always best to get evidence that they 100% are. Out of all the running around and going from place to place trying to piece every bit of information together, we got the proof we needed for our client.

There’s More To The Story

Now I’m not saying it was easy. And there is a LOT more details into that story, but bottom line is we did it. We got the proof we needed for our client and everyone was happy!

Some people that travel for business go to the same spots from time to time. You could be seeing someone that is only in the area every so often and secretly they’re really married. They make up excuses why they can’t come see you certain times and they don’t want you coming to them, they’ll only come to you. There’s so much back and forth and they don’t want to go out in public with you some places. There are some pretty obvious signs after a while of things not adding up. But how can you know for sure? Background checks come in handy for this situation! If they’re married…we all know that comes with a marriage certificate!

Keep an eye out for the possible worldwide cheaters! You never know who is guilty of it!

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