Dark Web

Dark Web
Dark Web


Dark web is the world wide web that contains that exists on dark net, overlay networks that use the internet but require specific software, configurations or authorization to access. Basically it is an illegal website for peer to peer files, with restricted access.

Dark Web

A hidden Internet exists underneath the ‘surface web,’ hidden from the view of ordinary web users. It always aroused my curiosity, but I never really followed up to see whether I could access it. The dark web can be intimidating.

You would assume that it was full of criminals. Possibly that it would have little to offer a law-abiding citizen. Would be difficult to access? Would it require some kind of advanced technical skill? or perhaps a special invitation from a shadowy figure on seedy bulletin boards. Here we investigate these assumptions.


There are tons of things sold on the darknet

  • credit cards – Can be bought cheap because of how easy it is to cancel a card after noticed it’s gone missing.
  • human body parts and organs – People that don’t want to wait on a hospital wait list use the dark web for this reason.
  • weapons – rocket launchers, hand grenades, C4 explosives, and AK-47s can all be purchased.
  • uranium – People buy this for explosives, nuclear weapons, etc.
  • legal and illegal drugs – 60% of the dark web is dedicated to selling drugs.
  • fake documents – Fake passports, birth certificates, etc.
  • sperm – Given to women with the syringe to do it themselves, also not tested for diseases.
  • crude oil – Half the price of oil being sold on legal channels. Most times comes from terrorists.
  • human slaves – Human trafficking, sex trafficking, etc.
  • child spirits- Voodoo masters from Thailand. This is actually very popular.
  • pocket EMG generators – A device capable of frying any device nearby.
  • blood- Not vetted nor tested for diseases.
  • twitter followers- Hacked accounts such as for big companies.
  • hitmen- Someone hired to murder someone for their client.
  • ricin- One of the most deadly and effective poisons in the world.

This is only the top 15 things that occur on the dark web. There are plenty more where that came from.

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