Does Texting An Ex Count As Cheating?

Does Texting An Ex Count As Cheating?

Texting An Ex

Texting An Ex

Do you consider texting an ex cheating? Regardless, text message cheating is a really easy way to start cheating.  And often times you may not even realize it.

It used to be if you wanted to have an affair it took some effort, but not any more. Sadly, text message cheating has become a simple way to cheat without much work at all. The lines are becoming more blurred as technology makes it easier than ever for people in our pasts to find and reconnect with us.

Right under Your Nose

Did you know that 85% of texting an ex happens while you are lying next to your significant other? The phone beeps and your partner responds to a text.  Then they tell you it’s just a friend or coworker. But, in reality it’s the other woman or other man.

Texting An Ex: Crossing The Line

So what are some signs of text message cheating?

  1. Holding onto their phone as if their life depending on it.
  2. Locked cell phone with unknown password
  3. Cell Phone Texting Apps

Unfortunately, with today’s technology it’s easy to have an affair and keep it secret. Phone records will show you texts were sent, but you cannot see the content. Most cheaters will store their lovers name under another name.

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