Is Financial Infidelity Worse Than Cheating?

Is Financial Infidelity Worse Than Cheating?

Financial Infidelity

Financial Infidelity

Is financial infidelity worse than cheating. While cheating partners are devastating, many young couples today are facing another kind of infidelity.

Let’s be honest, Financial cheating is cheating. It doesn’t involve sneaking off into seedy motel rooms or sexting, but it does involve a series of secrets and lies that can devastate a relationship.

Financial infidelity is keeping financial secrets from your spouse or significant. And chances are, suspicions that your partner is not being fully honest with you about money is affecting your relationship.

It’s All About The Money, Honey

When one spouse is making significant financial moves without the knowlege of the other, it endangers the financial future of both people.

Furthermore, this can be a very challenging matter to overcome in a relationship. It’s also a sign that a couple is not communicating well. All in all, this could lead to a very uncertain future.

Financial Infidelity: Love On The Rocks

Having a secret stash could be an indicator of a bigger problem in the relationship. Is your partner considering opening a bank account? This could be a red flag that your relationship is on the rocks.

Examples of Finance Infidelity:

  1. Secret Credit Card
  2. Missing Cash
  3. Expensive Hobbies
  4. Hiding purchases
  5. Hiding mail/packages
  6. Gambling

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