Using Witchcraft To Keep Your Lover

Using Witchcraft To Keep Your Lover

Witchcraft To Keep Your Lover

Witchcraft To Keep Your Lover

Has anyone ever used witchcraft on you? Have you ever used witchcraft to keep your lover? Although it seems like an odd topic, you know that you’ve wondered about it. Maybe there’s a woman that catches your Husband’s eye. She seems to have a hold on him. Or maybe there’s a man who always seem to pop up in your Wife’s mind.


Apparently there are spells to keep your lover in your life, and to keep others away. Whether these spells work or not, there are things atet you need to know. The people that conduct these spells will need a personal item from you. So be aware of anyone who tries to pluck one of your hairs from your head, or grabs the pen off of your desk.

These things could go either way. There might be a voodoo doll with your likeness and name on it!

Bewitched By The Harlot

Your poor Husband, minding his own business before he was bewitched by the harlot. He claims that she cast a spell over him. He couldn’t think about anything else. Maybe he was mesmerized by her bewitching eyes. He believes this temptress put a spell on him. Because he does not have a free will around her. Could this be true?

Do you suspect that your spouse is cheating? Is someone trying to ruin your life?

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