Hero Complex

Hero Complex

Hero Complex

Hero Complex

Do they have a Hero Complex?

Hero Complex

The Hero complex is when someone has an inherent desire, a compulsion, to help people. However, it is not officially a disorder or disease.

The hero syndrome is a phenomenon affecting people who seek heroism or recognition, usually by creating a desperate situation which they can resolve. This can include unlawful acts, such as arson. The phenomenon has been noted to affect civil servants, such as firefighters, nurses, police officers, and security guards.

People with hero syndrome generally cause an accident or disaster with the intention of then coming in to render aid, and become the ‘hero’. The reasons for this often vary. The perpetrator may be trying to validate their own self-worth, or be seen as brave by others. In this way, hero syndrome is comparable to Munchausen syndrome.

For example, an arsonist may start a house on fire so they can rescue the people inside, in an attempt to garner the respect and gratitude of the victims and any potential spectators, or a doctor may induce a heart attack in a patient so they can then ‘save’ them.

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