Infidelity and Traveling

Infidelity and Traveling

Infidelity and Traveling

Infidelity and Traveling

Did you know that Infidelity and traveling go hand in hand? Catching a cheater, especially a traveling cheater can be very difficult. Firstly, Many private investigation companies are not equipped with the knowledge and experience.  Secondly, A frequently traveling cheater creates a whole new world of challenges and questions.

Infidelity and Traveling

There are two types of Traveling Cheaters: The vacation traveler and the business trip traveler. Studies show cheaters will engage in an affair while they are away on business or on vacation without their significant other. Catching a cheater while traveling can be difficult due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control. In most cases, investigators will work in pairs.

The vacation traveler may be going out of town to visit a so called sick friend, old school mate, fishing trip, ball game, relative or wedding. They may just “ need to get away to think or have space.” The bachelor or bachelorette party is another prime time to cheat when out of town. A business trip can be nothing more than a vacation that has been planned so quality time can be spent with the boyfriend / girlfriend without the risk of getting caught.

The Business Traveler

The business traveler uses work as an excuse to get out of town. Sometimes, the business traveler may have a legitimate reason to leave town but may use this as an opportunity to cheat. Since many affairs happen at work, and co-workers are often required to travel together, this gives the cheater the perfect opportunity. The cheaters have found themselves on an all expense paid trip together, enjoying sights and romantic dinners in places that you have always wished to have with your loved one. Your significant other may not have a girlfriend/boyfriend but takes advantage of the situation and engages in a one night stand with someone while away on business.

Cheating while you’re traveling

While the cats away, the mice will play.

Do you have a business trip or vacation planned?  Do you suspect that your spouse or significant other will cheat while you are gone?  Consequently, this would be the perfect time to benefit from our services.

If your spouse claims he/she is going away on business and you suspect things are not right, then you need to take advantage of the opportunity to learn the truth. The Michigan Private Detectives at Eye Spy can get you the evidence that you need.

When there is distance between the cheater and the spouse, the cheater will usually become more complacent and less careful. There is absolutely no better time for a cheater to cheat.

Eye Spy Can Help!

You should call or email our office to discuss the case. Planning the investigation takes time and precise detail. There may not be another chance to catch the cheater and gain the evidence you will need in Court. Eye Spy Detective Agency has the experience and knowledge for Catching the Cheating Traveler. Call us today at 888-393-7799 or visit us at



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