Phone Number Look Up

Phone Number Look Up

Phone Number Look Up

Phone Number Look Up

Do you need a Phone Number Look Up?

Phone Number Look Up

Has someone called you and you want to know more about that person? Seems like more and more people are getting strange phone calls. Our phone trace is the best proven way to locate the name and address of the owner of the phone.

Using the advanced searching technology of our phone trace system, we will enter the phone number / cell phone number/ voice mail number into our nationwide database to bring back current information about the person of the search.

You supply the number, we supply the Subscriber’s Name and Address. We do every kind of Phone Number Look up

This person will not know that they have had their phone number traced. Your phone trace information is not shared with anyone.

Eye Spy Detective Agency can trace any type of telephone number. Here are a few examples:

  • 800/888/900 numbers, etc.
  • Cell Phone numbers
  • Home and Business Phone numbers
  •  Non-Published Phone numbers
  • Voice Mail & Fax numbers
  • Private

    Eye Spy Can Help!

    We can get the evidence that you need.

    At Eye Spy Investigations, we offer 100% LEGAL, CONFIDENTIAL services. The Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy Detective Agency specialize in Domestic Investigations.

    We have Investigators on staff that work directly for us all over Michigan. From Grosse Pointe to Birmingham, Sterling Heights to Livonia, Southfield to Detroit, Bloomfield Hills to Grand Rapids and every where in between.

    If you have some questions, please do not hesitate to call. Feel free to go online and talk to one of our private investigators on our 24/7 live chat. Call the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy Detective Agency today at (888) 393- 7799. For more information visit our website at

    They Can Run, But They Can’t Hide From EYE SPY!

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