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Drug Testing

Drug Testing Do you need a drug test? Here at eye spy we do drug testing all the time. You may need one for a job or maybe you need to drug test your kids because you think they've been using something behind your back. Why Drug Testing? An estimated 2.6 million Americans 12 years or older have experienced drug use. 4.5 million [...]

Locate Your Runaway

Locate your runaway Locate your child that ran away from home Do you need to locate someone, possibly your child or someone you know who ran away from home? 1.6-2.8 million children run away each year from home. They begin at ages as low as 10 years old. Runaways/thrownaways are children on the streets with no responsible caretaker. They often do not have [...]

Valentine Break Up

Valentine Break Up A Valentine Break Up A valentine break up is what a lot of people go through believe it or not. The holiday is to celebrate your loved one but is your spouse celebrating it with someone other than you!? Statistics say that a good amount of couples break up around this holiday. That also may make you guess [...]


Detroit Private Investigators Our Detroit Detective Agency assists with many types of Detroit Private Investigations including Detroit Spousal Surveillance, investigate Detroit Cheating Spouse Detroit Marital Infidelity Investigation, civil investigations, adultery, claims fraud, personal injury, Detroit GPS vehicle tracking, Detroit insurance fraud investigation and more. Our Detroit Private Investigations are the best in the business. DETROIT PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS Get the evidence ! Call the [...]