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Cheating Spouse

Click on Detroit Local 4 News just aired a cheating spouse private investigator discussing catching a cheating spouse in Michigan.  Many of the facts in this story were true.  If you think your spouse or significant other is cheating, they probably are. About 90% of the clients who hire a Michigan private detective end up getting the evidence that they [...]

Private Investigator Adoption Investigations

Eye Spy discusses private investigator adoption investigations. Private investigators are known for locating missing people. However, not many people know that private investigators locate adopted people as well. If you are looking for a birth mother, looking for a birth father, or looking for a sibling, many private detective agencies will help look for your birth family. Celebrity private detectives [...]

Missing Persons Investigations

Missing persons investigations Private Investigators are becoming more popular.  Some Private Investigators conduct missing persons investigations as part of their services offered to people looking for missing relatives and looking for missing friends.  Celebrity Private Investigators Michael Torrice and Carey Torrice, both licensed Private Investigators with Eye Spy Investigations, offer missing person investigations. Missing Persons Investigations and Searches The missing person [...]

Find Birth Mothers and Adopted Children

Private Investigators Find Birth Mothers and Adopted Children Private investigators and private detectives have the unique ability to find birth mothers (biological mothers), birth fathers (biological fathers), siblings, and other biological family members.  Celebrity private investigators Michael Torrice and Carey Torrice have been able to locate birth parents for clients on many occasions. Adoption investigations and private investigators who locate birth [...]

Cheating Spouse Investigations

Cheating Spouse Investigations Infidelity Private Investigator. Catch your cheating spouse. Infidelity private investigators and spousal surveillance experts. Discreet & Confidential If you’re living your life in worry and doubt, fearful that your spouse might be cheating, you need to find out the truth and put your mind at ease. The damaging effects of a cheating spouse can be monumental, but as [...]