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10 Signs of a Cheating Husband

Eye Spy discusses signs of a cheating husband. Do you think Arnold Schwarzenegger's ex, Maria Shriver, and Tiger Woods's ex, Elin Nordegren, knew about their husbands' affairs? These women most likely did notice some of the signs, but the shock or hurt was so deep that they chose denial over screaming evidence. Don't let your denial work in his favor. [...]

Dealing With Jealousy After the Discovery of an Affair

  Guarding yourself against feelings of jealousy Eye Spy discusses dealing with jealousy. Jealousy after the discovery of infidelity is normal and expected. In the early days, or immediately after the discovery of an affair bitterness in your heart toward the other woman is quiet normal and natural. If you are currently struggling with jealousy, I recommend you search your heart. [...]

Making It Through An Extramarital Affair – Discovering That You Are Not Helpless

Making It Through An Extramarital Affair. Quite a few spouses that have been victims of infidelity have many issues to work through. to overwhelm you to the disappointment of what your spouse did to facing up to the bitter reality that the relationship will never be the same ever again. Which is a terrible concept yet unfortunately it's one [...]

How To Tell If There Is Infidelity In Your Relationship

Eye Spy discusses how to tell if there is infidelity in your relationship. "Your cheatin' heart will tell on you." So goes the classic 1950s country song by Hank Williams. If you look carefully, you may see the signs of a cheating spouse. Whether a cheating husband or a cheating wife, the following signs may indicate a cheating heart [...]