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Does Your Relationship need TLC

Does Your Relationship need TLC Does Your Relationship need a little extra TLC (Tender Loving Care)? One of the best things about being married is that you have someone to lean on when times get tough. Happily ever after is a path you have to forge, not a road you accidentally stumble upon. A good marriage always takes work. A good marriage requires [...]

Love Stinks But It Shouldn’t Hurt

Love Stinks But It Shouldn't Hurt Love Stinks, but Love shouldn't hurt. Lying, cheating and screwing with people's feelings and emotions hurts.  Love means showing a person that you care. it is a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone and an intense feeling. Some people say love hurts. Others say love stinks. Some say there's no such thing. Love really shouldn't [...]

Crossing Boundaries

Crossing Boundaries What are the boudoirs when it comes to emotional vs. physical cheating? The main difference between emotional and physical cheating is the modality or how the person cheats.  Emotional cheating does not always include physical touch and physical cheating does not always include emotions. For instance, physical cheating means some form of physical touch occurs whether it is [...]

Google Search: You Need To Dig Deeper

Google Search: You Need To Dig Deeper Have you ever Googled yourself? A Google search is the easiest way to learn about someone. Did you ever wonder about your crush? Or maybe you would like to find out what your neighbors are all about. 57% of Americans worry about on their online reputation. 46% of people admit to using the internet [...]