Hire A Michigan Private Investigator

Why Hire Us?

Are you looking to hire a Michigan Private Investigator? Here are ten reasons to consider Eye Spy Investigations for all of your investigation needs.

  1. We have been in the Private Investigation business for over 30 years! Very few (if any) can match our experience in the private investigation field.
  2. We actually answer our phones! You can call us 24/7 and you will get one of our investigative employees on the phone to answer your questions.  We do not contract an answering service, and we do not ask you to leave voicemails.  Think of this…If you call a PI and get a voicemail before you hire them, imagine what will happen if you do hire them.  You will never have to worry when you hire us because we always answer our phones.
  3. We have a secure physical office location – Many companies don’t have a physical office, and they might ask you to meet them at a Starbucks, in a mall parking lot, or at some other public place, all of which are not very safe and confidential.  Our office (and your files) are protected with vaults, alarms, access controls, encryption, cameras, locks, firewalls, and other measures to keep your information safe.  Do you want some guy working out of his apartment or his 1974 Winnebago working on your case? Or would you rather hire a company that has a real location with the ability to meet them in a secure private office setting?
  4. We have the most updated equipment – Many companies do not spend money on updating their equipment.  As technology changes, we continuously update our equipment so we can give our clients the best results possible.  We can actually show you the equipment, where others simply make excuses because they don’t have the proper equipment to do your case.
  5. We have a client login portal – When you hire us, you will get a username and password so you can see your case file 24/7.  Most other companies don’t have this feature and you will have to wait around for them to send you things in the mail.  This is the 21st century so we do things in the most efficient manner.
  6. You can hire us online, or come to our office.  You can even have Zoom/Skype/Facetime meetings with us to save you a trip to our office if you like.
  7. We have multiple investigators in our office.  We are not a “one man” operation.  Our investigators are diverse and have different backgrounds.  This is essential when conducting surveillance and undercover operations.
  8. We have a Legal Department and attorneys on staff in our building.  When a legal question pops up, we have licensed attorneys to immediately answer these questions.
  9. We have a Medical Investigator in our office to assist in our forensic and medical cases.  Our medical investigator is a licensed physician (M.D.) and has law enforcement experience.
  10. And last but not least…We have the most positive online reviews possible.  Reviews don’t lie. Google, Facebook, Yahoo, BBB, etc. all show that we get the job done!

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