Michigan Criminal Investigation Specialists

It is well known that police departments and other law enforcement agencies in the United States are underfunded, and overwhelmed with cases. This causes the police to only have enough resources to investigate only the most violent of crimes.  For this reason, many smaller crimes such as theft, property destruction, or other “property crimes” get put at the bottom of the police detectives stack of case files.  This is where private detectives can pick up the slack.

Eye Spy Private Detective Agency provides its clients the highest quality investigations including: lie detection services, hidden video installations, witness interviewing, tape recorded statements, locating services, interview & interrogation, evidentiary photography and thorough background and asset investigations.

Our criminal investigators have advanced college degrees in Criminology and Criminal Justice, and also have police and military investigation experience.  Criminal cases require a proof threshold of “beyond a reasonable doubt,” and our investigators know exactly what is necessary for prosecution in a criminal case.  Without that extensive knowledge, criminals would walk free.

Eye Spy Private Detective Agency finds the facts and information through diligent detective work and an unlimited supply of resources. Eye Spy Private Detective Agency has successfully solved many criminal cases previously thought to be unsolvable or abandoned by law enforcement.

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