Michigan GPS Tracking

In Michigan, only licensed private investigators are authorized by law to place GPS tracking devices onto vehicles for purposes of investigation.  The law gives private investigators specific authority to do so.  The same also law makes it a crime for any other person (not a private investigator) to place a GPS tracker onto a persons vehicle without the consent of the owner of the vehicle. In fact, even the police and other law enforcement agencies cannot place a GPS onto a vehicle without a search warrant signed by a judge. Since private investigators are authorized by Michigan law to use GPS trackers to investigate crimes and other wrongs done against people, we take advantage of this and use them to help us solve cases for our clients on a regular basis.

GPS tracking services

We advise people to not purchase GPS trackers online to place on a persons vehicle to track them. You could be prosecuted for a crime if you unlawfully place a GPS onto someones vehicle; it is just not worth it. You should speak with an attorney if you are thinking about doing it on your own, or hire a licensed private investigator to do it as part of your case. Private investigators have the law behind them, and it is much less expensive to hire a private investigator to monitor a GPS, than it is to hire a criminal attorney to get you out of trouble.

Conducting cheating spouse surveillance in Michigan or any other surveillance in Michigan sometimes requires more than just following a vehicle.  Sometimes, electronic GPS trackers are used to track vehicles. Our licensed investigators offer GPS tracking services in Michigan.

Usually, a GPS tracking device is placed on the outside of the vehicle.  Our licensed Michigan private investigators attach the GPS locator in a secure location and leave the area.  We are then able to track the vehicle using a computer or other electronic methods.

Keep in mind, a GPS tracking device is only used as a tool in an investigations. It may show where a vehicle is located; however, it does not prove what the person driving the vehicle is up to. This will require a physical surveillance and video of the subject.

There have been many times, especially during a “cheating spouse” type case, when the subject actually switches vehicles. If you do not have a private investigator following, you will never know that they switched vehicles and you will be misled into thinking that the person was parked in one location.

When hiring any Michigan private investigator, keep the above in mind. If you have any questions, please call our office and speak to one of our licensed Michigan private detectives.