Hard To Find Info

Eye Spy Private Detective Agency of Michigan can get the hard to find information you are searching for. Our advanced database system allows us to locate any missing person or skip trace. Running a license plate number or VIN number to get you information about the owner. Our trained investigation team can get you phone records, or a listing of personal & business assets.

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Located Persons/Skip trace

We have advanced computer databases to allow us to locate any individual. We will obtain an address and, if requested, physically verify that the subject is there.

Asset Location

We will provide you with bank accounts, stock, bonds, real estate, motor vehicle ownership, etc., of any individual or business. (Typical uses: Lawsuits, business purposes, security reasons, etc.)

Vehicle Information

We will run license plates or vehicle identification numbers for ownership and provide you with all information about the owner. (Typical uses: Asset location, judgments, security reasons, etc.)

Phone Information

We will provide you with information on any phone numbers you request. This includes cellular phones, and pagers. (Typical uses: Phone bill auditing, harassing phone calls, security reasons, etc.)

These are only a few of the investigative informational services we provide. Please feel free to ask us for any information you may need. No matter how hard to obtain, we can obtain it. Contact Eye Spy Private Detective Agency today for a confidential no-obligation quote for your “hard to find info” needs.