Michigan Polygraph Services

Eye Spy Investigations, Inc. offers licensed Michigan polygraph services (lie detector) in our office.  Our polygraph examiner is licensed by the State of Michigan, and has performed thousands of tests.  Some of the reasons a person might need a polygraph exam include:

  • Are you falsely accused of a crime?
  • Are you falsely accused of infidelity (cheating)?
  • Verify if a person is cheating or has cheated in the past
  • Are you falsely accused of sexual assault?
  • Verify drug use and other illegal activity

If you have been falsely accused of something, a good way to clear your name and prove you are innocent is to have a licensed polygraph examiner run a test on you.   The results will be COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL and you will be the only one who knows the results.  Since you are using our licensed private investigation firm to run the test, the results are completely confidential and privileged under Michigan Law regarding private-detective client privilege, and are not subject to disclosure even with a subpoena or court order.