Michigan Child Custody Investigations

Eye Spy Private Detective Agency will work with you to collect evidence that will help you in your Michigan child custody case. Find out who will be in contact with your child other than the parent – are they a convicted criminal, drug offender, alcohol abuser or sexual predator?

These issues are often not known by the courts when decisions are made and often change with living arrangements and lifestyles. Do not put your child in an unsafe environment that could lead to disaster. We will collect the evidence necessary to prove your custody case.

When we conduct Child Custody Cases in Michigan, we generally establish that the person who has the child is unfit.  Most of the time, this requires us to follow the person to show that they are endangering the child or abusing the child.


For instance, we have seen many cases where a person consumes large amounts of alcohol or drugs, then drives with the child in the vehicle.  If we see this happen, we generally call the police in an attempt to have them pulled over.  We hate to see kids put in a dangerous situation, and we will do everything possible to stop the person doing it.

In many instances, there might be a court order outlining what a person may or may not do while a child is in their custody.  People tend to break these orders and the only way to prove it is to hire a licensed Michigan Private Investigator.  The investigators at Eye Spy are well trained in child custody cases and we have worked with hundreds of attorneys over the years to get them what they need for court.  Judges love to see hard evidence when a person violates the court’s order.  We are there to get you that evidence.