Michigan Medical Investigations

Our licensed Medical Doctor (M.D.) investigator will come to your home, office, or other private location to conduct medical investigative services. No need to go to a doctors office and wait in a room full of people, some of whom may recognize you. To ensure 100% privacy…We come to you.

Some of the confidential medical investigation services we offer are:

  • Confidential Testing for Infidelity
  • Testing for Infections Due To Infidelity
  • Sexual Assault Cases
  • Drug and Alcohol testing and screening
  • Review of death certificate
  • Causes of death
  • Confidential STD testing
  • Injury review cases
  • DNA/Paternity testing
  • Physical evaluations
  • Forensic DNA testing of items
  • Poisoning and toxic matter screening
  • Screening for implanted devices or items
  • Locate cause of unknown sounds & visual perceptions
  • Evidence collection of potentially harmful substances
  • Testify as an expert witness in court cases

Visiting a medical doctor who is NOT an investigator employed by a Michigan licensed private investigation agency may open your private medical records up to others if you become involved in litigation (divorce, injury cases, etc.). This is because a regular doctor is required to turn over patient files when ordered by the court.

When you hire Eye Spy to conduct a medical investigation, none of those private medical records can ever be divulged or turned over to anyone, even if someone has a court order.  Your private medical records stay 100% secured and confidential.

Eye Spy Investigations, Inc. offers confidential Michigan Medical Investigations using our licensed physician investigator to perform these services.  Under the law, because we are a Michigan licensed private investigation agency, all medical investigation cases are completely confidential and privileged and will never be divulged to anyone else, even if we are served a Michigan subpoena, search warrant, or court order. This law allows our clients the unique ability to keep their medical investigation results private and provides much greater protection than if they would have visited a regular doctor.

Our physician investigator is licensed by the State of Michigan as a Medical Doctor (M.D.) and can order imaging and other diagnostic procedures as required.

Sometimes people in relationships make mistakes. If you or someone you know thinks they may have contracted an STD, but are afraid to go to a regular doctor for fear of the medical records being exposed, Eye Spy’s medical doctor investigator can diagnose and treat any issues with 100% confidentiality. This way, you can protect yourself and your loved one at the same time, without anyone knowing.

If you are experiencing any medically related issues that you feel are being caused by external sources such as poison, gas, radiation, electromagnetic, or other harmful substances; our medical investigator in coordination with our forensic investigation team will attempt to locate the cause and put a stop to it.