Michigan Untimely Death Investigations

Eye Spy has on-staff a fully credentialed, Board Certified, licensed Medical Doctor (M.D.) to assist us with all our medical investigations.  Our physician private investigator is able to utilize his medical training and knowledge to help with all death investigation cases in Michigan.  Our doctor has been a Family Practice Physician for over 30 years and has experience in all aspects of medical investigations.  He is the former Chief of Family Medicine at Detroit Medical Center and is a former Deputy Medical Examiner for the Ingham County Medical Examiner’s Office in Michigan.  This is a medical professional who is in the best position to obtain scientifically sound answers to your questions about the manner and cause of an untimely death of someone that you care about.


Some of the private medical investigations we provide are:

  • Untimely death investigations – where there is a question as to what happened
  • Suicide Investigations
  • Drug and Opioid Investigations
  • Overdose Investigations
  • Homicide Investigations
  • Poisoning Investigations
  • Post Mortem and Toxicology initial and re-examination and interpretation of results
  • Hair, Blood and Tissue analysis for possible slow method poisoning
  • Autopsy Review – Review and Interpretation as it relates to circumstances surrounding a death

If someone you know has allegedly committed suicide or overdosed on medication or drugs, we can help determine what really happened.  If you feel that a suicide finding by the Medical Examiner or the police is not accurate, our investigators can help.  Our approach is based on science, not guesswork.

All medical investigations are privileged and confidential under the Michigan Private Detective Act, and are not subject to demands by outside parties (police, courts, attorneys, etc.) to produce records. Our investigations and all findings are NOT subject to subpoena or court order and will not be turned over to anyone, ever unless you choose to. This level of confidentiality goes way beyond that of ordinary physician records. All physician records are discoverable and subject to subpoena. All of our investigations and findings by our private investigator and his attending staff physician remain absolutely private and cannot be obtained by anyone, ever.