Michigan Darknet Investigations

Eye Spy Investigations conducts dark net investigations. The Darknet – maybe you have heard about it lately.  The DarkNet is a name given to the secret websites that are ENCRYPTED and hidden from the public!!  You MUST know about this subject to protect you and your family, or to be able to make it useful to you, your business or to a client!  So, let’s get an idea about what you can find on the DARKNET!!!

  • Hackers
  • Stolen Credit Cards
  • Buy a New Identity
  • Buy anything
  • Buy Viruses
  • Buy RATs! (Remote Access Trojans…think super spyware)
  • When you see TV or movies showing some secret hacker place, well, the Darknet is where it really happens!
  • And MORE!!

So what can Eye Spy do for me for Dark Net investigations? Eye Spy Investigations, Inc. can help you identify certain aspects of the DarkNet that will allow you to see if you are being watched, spied on, defamed, threatened, etc. This includes:

  • Darknet Search engines
  • Darknet Index pages
  • Darknet Forum searches
  • Collecting information from these sites
  • Interacting on these sites
  • Creating a Darknet Search report

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