Cell Phone Investigations Michigan

Do you have need of cell phone investigations services? Eye Spy Investigations can help at an affordable price.

Our team of cell phone forensic experts can uncover recently deleted or hidden data on a cell phone, smart phone or tablet device. This includes: text messages, photos, call logs, videos, contacts, emails, GPS locations (some devices), chat history, passwords, browsing activity history logs, and more.

If you think you are being tracked by someone using spyware on your cell phone, we will do a full file structure analysis to see if there is in fact tracking spyware on your phone. We can then attempt to find out who might have placed it there.

To conduct forensic cell phone investigations, we use several different computer forensic extraction programs, as well as certain hardware device, to extract cell device information.  This is some of the same software used by the police and federal law enforcement agencies.  These programs cost tens of thousands or dollars, and require extensive knowledge and training.  We have the programs and we have the training.  All you have to do is drop off the phone.  We do the rest.

In most cases, we will need the actual device in order to perform forensic services.  If you cannot get a hold of the device, sometimes an old device someone might have used in the past will supply valuable information.  So if the person recently upgraded their cell phone, and kept the old phone somewhere you have access to, simply bring us the old phone and we may be able to get a wealth of information from it.

Unfortunately, it is now a federal offense for anyone to provide phone call logs or phone bills to a person, without the phone subscribers written consent. In other words…no private investigator can get you a copy of a persons phone bill.  If they claim they can, they are probably setting you up for arrest by the police or FBI. Phone records are off limits, so please don’t ask us to try and get them.  There are other means to prove what you are looking for, without risking prison time.

Contact us today to find out what Eye Spy Private Detective Agency can do for you to with cell phone forensics, investigations, and data recovery.