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Michigan Private Investigators


Do you need a Spy in Michigan? But you’re not sure where to start? Look no further. Know of someone with a cheating spouse? Need to serve someone but can’t find out where they are located or find someone to serve the court papers? Do you need assistance with your child custody case? Need to see where that spouse or child is going? Hearing the same old same old lie? The Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy can help!

Need a Spy

Too many miles being put on a vehicle or being gone to long and not coming home on the time said to be home?Think you are being followed by someone? So many questions with so many answers.  Therefore, you just need the right one correct answer.  But don’t know who to call, well you have come to the right blog of the day!

Call a Professional!

A licensed Michigan Private Investigator can help you navigate through this time in your life. We can help you put together a plan to solve your case quickly and confidentially. Furthermore, we also do surveillance to see who the person is with. Then we can see where they are going. Bug sweeps can be conducted to see if there is a bug in your home or vehicle, we also do computer forensics and see what the person is hiding in their phones.

Hire a spy today at Eye Spy Detective Agency today and let us know what your troubles are, I’m sure we will find all the answers you can’t find and what you are looking for with time. We have all kinds of equipment, cameras we install inside your home, GPS trackers on the spouses vehicle just give us what we need and we will handle the rest. Give us a call today and we will be glad to take your case, our phone number is 586-285-5000.

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