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License Plate Search

What I Learned as a Private Eye

What I Learned as a Private Eye What I Learned as a Private Eye. Eye Spy Investigations has been in business for over 25 years. That is 25 years of helping people overcome major obstacles in their lives. Each story is unique, but one fact continues to reign true. Everyone is going through their own drama. What I Learned as a [...]

Is Someone Stalking You

Is Someone Stalking You? Do you have a feeling that someone is following you? Is someone stalking you? We can help! Although there are many different types of stalkers, they are all equally dangerous. Even if they've never hurt or threatened you, you still do not know how mentally or emotionally damaged they are. Which leads them into dangerous thoughts and [...]

License Plate Search

License Plate Search Michigan Private Investigator License Plate Search If you’re looking for vehicle related information, you’ve come to the right place. With a license plate search, you can find people who you need to locate, whether it’s for a court case, an accident investigation or another permitted reason that a car owner may need to be found. If you have a [...]