License Plate Lookup

Michigan Private Investigators can look up a license plate? Call Eye Spy!


Are you wondering how much information a License Plate lookup can give you? Who does that Strange Car in front of your house belong to? Have you noticed a vehicle following you around? It might not be just your imagination. The License Plate Lookup Investigators at Eye Spy can get you this information.

Need A License Plate Lookup?

Thus, do you keep seeing a strange vehicle in your neighborhood? Consequently this is making you feel very uneasy. Or maybe you are trying to track down the owner or to uncover more information about the vehicle. But before you move forward, you should know there are some serious limitations to what information you can access.

Is there a strange vehicle that is following you around, or parked in front of your house? We all have the ability to sense when something is amiss. Whether we act on it affects not just our own little patch of land but that of our neighbors. We can react to crime before or after it happens.

A strange vehicle definitely arouses suspicion in our neighborhood, even in broad daylight, let alone at night. You would hope that your neighbors watch suspicious activity.  Such as a person parking in front of someone’s house for 45 minutes, while playing with a computer gadget.

Your first thought might be to go online and conduct a cheap search. Think again. You get what you pay for. Those online searches do not give correct information. Consequently, you subject yourself to identify theft once you put your credit card in their system. If you would like to find out who the person is, Eye Spy can help. Simply get the license plate and call us.

What Are They Doing?

1) Hijacking your computer from a car

2) Cutting your phone lines

3) Casing the joint

4) Watching your baby monitor

5) Stalking you

Eye Spy Look Up A License Plate For You

If you’re looking for vehicle related information, you’ve come to the right place. With a license plate search, you can find people who you need to locate, whether it’s for a court case, an accident investigation or another permitted reason that a car owner may need to be found.

If you have a valid license plate number or VIN #, we can help you locate the owner of a vehicle by doing either a license plate Search or a VIN number check. We can lookup a license plate anywhere in the United States.

Unlike other online license plate searches, we do not require a subscription and are licensed private investigators. Our license plate searches are computer-connected the state. So our search results are usually available within 1-2 days, and provide the most up-to-date registration information. Call the Michigan Private Detectives at Eye Spy to find the most accurate up to date information on any license plate in almost any state. Call the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy Detective Agency today at (888) 393- 7799.





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