Is Your Child Safe

Michigan Child Custody Investigations


A lot of divorced parents or ex significant others that is the parent of someones child need to ask themselves is your child safe? We see cases all the time with parents who split custody of their child. However, some have court rules where one of the parents need supervision in order to visit their child. Need help with your Michigan Child Custody case? Eye Spy can help.

Visitation Rights: Is Your Child Safe?

Consequently, a lot of people don’t follow those rules after a couple of visits. At Eye spy we help you get the proof you need that those rules are being broken by your ex. Furthermore, we can get video and photo proof that your ex is not following the court order. In addition, we can supply GPS documents of where they’re going at all times. However, maybe they’re leaving to go somewhere without the supervision the courts ordered them to have.

Background Check

Is your ex with someone new? But, you don’t know too much about them, if they’ve ever been arrested, or where they came from? At Eye Spy we are known for our background checks. It’s good to know who your child is around. Maybe they’ve been arrested before and you want to find out what happened. Maybe you want to know if they’ve ever went bankrupt or tried to use a fake name. Give us some basic information about them and we can find out what you want to know.


Everything that goes on between us and our client stays 100% confidential. Everything is documented and comes with a written report for you to keep. With an email that is accessible to yourself only you can set up a profile to see any updates going on during the case.

Eye Spy Can Get The Evidence

Do you need help getting evidence for your Michigan Child Custody case? Then call the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy today. You can set up an appointment to meet with an investigator or call us with any questions you have. Get the results today that you want, you NEED. Call Eye Spy 586-285-5000.


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