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Child Custody

Teflon Don

Teflon Don The Teflon Don The nickname Teflon Don was given to mobster John Gotti. He was charged multiple times, but he was never convicted. Do you know someone like this? Does it seem like the charges never stick to them? Therefore, they get out of everything. Does your Ex constantly drink and drive? Do they sell and/or take drugs? Is your [...]

I’ll Take Manhattan

Manhattan on your dime: Child Support Payments Taking Manhattan Are they living large on your child support checks? Do you suspect that they are traveling on your hard earned money? We can help! Not all parents are responsible. And sometimes parents waste child support payments on frivolous items. However, you assume that he or she is using the money for the care [...]


Ta-Dah Ta-Dah Suddenly your Ex shows up in court with a new trick up their sleeve. They are trying to prove that they have cleaned up their act and a child custody modification. You start to question this Ta-dah act, because it definitely feels like they are putting on a show for the Judge. This performance is making you worry like never [...]

Unsafe and Dirty Living Conditions : Child Custody

Unsafe and Dirty Living Conditions : Child Custody Are the dirty living conditions that your child is living in, weighing on your mind? Are you worried about your child's safety? Unsafe and Dirty Living Conditions Consequently, Dirty and unsafe living conditions can seriously endanger a child’s physical health. But, it will take more than a dirty countertop to prove your case. In family [...]

Is She a Savage?

Is She a Savage? She's a Savage! She's wild Beyond your wildest imagination. Therefore, a savage is some who does not care about the Consequences of his or her actions. Usually the savage will do things that make other people say "Wow". They are not domesticated or under human control. Therefore, untamed and lacking the restraints normal to civilized human beings. Also known [...]