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Does your child / children have bruises, marks or has different behavior after coming from your ex-spouse / ex-significant other’s home? Do you suspect Child Endangerment? What could be causing the marks and changes of behavior? Studies has shown that over 683,000 kids in the United States has suffered from child abuse in the past year.  And mostly from their parents, if separated or divorced. Call the Michigan Child Endangerment Private Investigators at Eye Spy to get proof for court.

Typically children or preteens wont admit that their parents has abused them. Why? Because they’re terrified that its going to happen again the next time they see them. Although some parents don’t need to be told, they know immediately that something is wrong. In this type of situation the one parent will confront the abusive parent about their child’s markings. And as always, the abuser will deny it or make some story up about how they fell. So how do you take care of this situation? Especially if you want to take this to court.

Michigan Child Endangerment

We can help make it stop today!

The Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy specialize in child endangerment  cases.  When investigating a case involving child endangerment, our private investigator would conduct many hours of surveillance while the child is with the parent. And will also take picture and video footage. They will also place a GPS tracking device onto the parents car just in case the parent is taking the child somewhere they aren’t suppose to, or looks suspicious.  If you have any questions regarding this type of case, please do not hesitate to call or drop by our office! Call Eye Spy today 888-393-7799

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