Moving Company Scammers

How To Handle Moving Company Scams


The moving industry is plagued by moving company scammers who take advantage of people who are in a rush and don’t know how to find a reputable mover. It’s been a rough for years for a lot of people. But not for moving scammers.

The combination of a pandemic, a hot housing market, and plenty of natural disasters has resulted in ample opportunities for illegitimate movers to take advantage of people.I t can basically become a hostage situation with your stuff. Seems like the only way to get it was to pay a ransom.

Moving Company Scammers

Hiring a moving company is an important decision that involves much more than money.

The best protection against moving scams is a well-informed consumer who does his homework every step of the way. Moving is arduous, and having someone else do it for you doesn’t mean you can leave all the details in their hands.

Trusting a company to get all of your possessions is tough. Especially without damage and at the agreed-upon price. Unfortunately, all too often, that doesn’t happen. With the rise of long-distance moves as well as interstate moves, moving company scams seem to be increasing as well. Are you you being taken for a ride by Moving Company Scammers? Call the Licensed Private Investigators at Eye Spy today 888-393-7799.


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