The Wrong Man: Wrongfully Accused Investigations

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Did they blame the Wrong Man? Are you or a family member living in what seems to be a Hitchcock movie? Were you wrongfully accused of a crime. Do you need proof of your innocence? Need more help to prove your case? We can help! Call the Michigan Criminal Investigation Specialists at Eye Spy Detective Agency today.

Do They Have The Wrong Man?

The Wrong Man is a 1956 docudrama directed by Sir Alfred Hitchcock. To sum up, the film shows how an  innocent man can be arrested and charged for a crime. Unfortunately, these cases still exist to this day. It is well known that police departments and other law enforcement agencies in the United States are underfunded, and overwhelmed with cases.

Proving innocence may seem easy, especially with us on your side. But it can be difficult. The Government invests very little in righting the wrongfully accused and wrongfully convicted.

Wrongfully Accused Investigations

The leading cause of wrongful convictions is eyewitness misidentification. The conditions under which the witness observed the events taking place can lead to an inaccurate description of the suspect. For example, a witness may identify the suspect as the person they saw using a photo lineup. But the photos of the non suspect do not match the description given by the witness.

Furthermore, false confessions can also play a role. Police must use proper techniques when interrogating a suspect or witness. For example, interrogating a suspect for several hours straight or verbally abusing a suspect during questioning causing a person to make a false confession. Additionally, a witness may give false information to police. Surveillance and witness testimony are the best way to prove your case. Eye Spy Can Help!

At Eye Spy our criminal investigators can uncover evidence. Hence, sometimes this information is missing during the preliminary investigation. As a result, you could be walking free. Call the Michigan Wrongfully Accused Investigations specialists at Eye Spy Detective Agency today to discuss your confidential criminal investigation needs (888) 393- 7799.



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