Michigan Drug Testing

Michigan Drug and Alcohol Testing


Do you need drug testing in MichiganYou may need one for a job or maybe you need to drug test your kids because you think they’ve been using something behind your back. However, you may find that workers with the highest rate of usage in drugs would be construction workers, bartenders, hostesses, waitresses/waiters, helpers, food preparation, sales personnel, machine operators and inspectors, handlers, and laborers.

Why Drug Testing?

An estimated 2.6 million Americans 12 years or older have experienced drug use. 4.5 million Americans met clinical criteria for dependence or abuse of marijuana in the past year. As a result,  that’s more than twice the number for dependence/abuse of pain relievers and four times the number for dependence/abuse of cocaine. 65 percent accidents that happen at work are related to drug use or alcohol. And 40 percent of that is caused by someone using drugs or alcohol. So, that is why it is important to get your employees drug tests.

Imagine if you hired someone and you didn’t drug test them. Let’s say you’re a contractor and you hire a new construction worker and a few weeks later they accidentally injure someone, resulting in someones leg getting broke, because they’re high off of something or they are an alcoholic coming in to work still drunk. You could get in a lot of trouble for not drug testing them in the first place.

We Also Offer Background Checks

That is why background checks are important as well when hiring a new employee.You never know what they could be hiding. They could be violent, a thief, a known alcoholic around town. So you never know and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

But what if you don’t conduct a background check someone, and they turn out to be a thief? Before you know it you could be out of business and go under. Consequently, we see cases all the time like this where we have to get proof of something going on behind closed doors. Usually because these people were not smart before they hired in someone new.

Eye Spy conducts drug testing at our office location in Fraser, Michigan. No matter if the test is for you, or someone else, Eye Spy can handle it. Everything is 100% confidential and is documented down onto paper. Any results given from a drug test is given to you for you to keep. If you have any questions or concerns please call 586-285-5000



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