Emotional Infidelity Investigations

Michigan Emotional Infidelity Investigations


When you hear the term Emotional Infidelity Investigation, what comes to mind? Could it mean obsessing over another person? Flirting with an associate at work? Or having an online affair? An Emotional Affair is a relationship between a person and someone other than their spouse or significant other that affects the level of intimacy, emotional distance and overall dynamic balance in the marriage. Need evidence? Call the Michigan Infidelity Investigators at Eye Spy.

Emotional Infidelity Investigation: Cheating may Not Be physical

The emotional affair is to create emotional distance in the marriage. Leading to suspicion, anxiety, untrustworthy feelings, and depression for the spouse/significant other. Although many people do not think an emotional affair is even worth looking into, studies have showed that 15% of married women and 25% of married men have had sexual affairs while have an emotional affair before hand. It was also revealed that an additional 20% of married couples have been impacted by emotional infidelity.

A Safe Way To Cheat?

This is considered the safest way to cheat, even though sometimes it may not initially lead to physical involvement, although it can still devastate/ruin marriages. But although, it may only be a matter of time until an emotional affair turns into a physical affair.

No matter what kind, affairs take place every day. But how can you tell if someone is having an emotional affair? Or if you are for that matter? Many think that if they are “too flirty” in the office or with a friend then its harmless. But is it harmless? Or is it more serious than you think? How do you know if you’re emotionally involved with someone?  What are the signs? How can you tell?

Most of the time people do not notice their behavior when it comes to an emotional affair. Its usually misjudged by harmless office flirting with no strings attached. That can only go so far for someone until they gain stronger emotions for that person. Although office friendships may remain the same, there could always be a possibility that the friendship can lead to a flirtatious relationship.

50/50 Chance

There is most likely a 50/50 chance of an emotional affair forming in the office without you or your significant other noticing. And even though you may not notice it right away, other people in the office or at home may notice it way before you do.

The main question people ask themselves when being involved in an emotional relationship is, “Is flirting cheating?”. That question is equivalent to, well is water wet? Flirting is cheating. Especially if you are attracted to another person, other than your significant other/spouse.

Emotional infidelity is one of the sneakiest ways to cheat on a spouse/ significant other. We can provide you with our services and help you in any way possible. So if you think your spouse/significant other is cheating and need to know once and for all. Or even if you just need closure, call the Michigan Private Investigators at today at Eye Spy 888-393-7799. 


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