National Mistress Day February 13th

February 13th is National Mistress Day. Are They Cheating? Call Eye Spy and Find Out!


Did you know that February is National Mistress Day? A new day for the calendar? The day before Valentine’s Day is the day unfaithful men plan to see their mistresses. The Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy are gearing up to bust cheaters. Do you suspect Infidelity? If so, call Eye Spy today!

February 13th is National Mistress Day

Loyal wives may be gearing up for a romantic evening tomorrow night.  But it seems some of their husbands will be celebrating Valentine’s Day one night early… with another woman.
It doesn’t appear on the traditional family calendar. But February 13th has been branded Mistress Day for unfaithful British men and their partners in love crime.
75% of cheating husbands plan to see their mistresses on 13 February, leaving Valentine’s Day itself free for a date with their long-suffering wives.

Traditional diamond jewelry and lingerie are still the most popular gifts for mistresses.
Valentine’s Day has always been associated with secrecy around love affairs. But, it’s a key time for infidelity. Men spend more on their mistresses: they’re out to impress!

Reservations on National Mistress Day

The day before Valentine’s day typically reserved for a man taking out his mistress or girlfriend. On Valentine’s Day a man is “required” to take out his wife or steady girlfriend. However, the restaurants, bars and clubs are packed on February 13th for the better looking women in a man’s life.

Mistress Day gifts are typically always jewelry and lingerie, while Valentine’s day gifts are chocolate and teddy bears.

It’s a notorious night for men behaving badly.

Unofficially, Feb. 13 is  “Mistress Day,” Thus,  the day that straying boyfriends and husbands set aside for the “other woman” Most likely, they will be spending the actual Valentine’s Day with their girlfriends and wives.

The most popular day for “short stay” hotel bookings.
A man said to his wife on February13th, “I’ll be working late tonight, I’ll make up for it tomorrow on Valentine’s Day”. Secretly he was preparing his cover for Mistress Day celebrations!

Most cheaters devote the day before Valentine’s to keeping their mistresses happy, since waiting until the day after makes them seem like an afterthought. They have to be with them the day before, give them their gift, make them feel special and put that to bed.

Eye Spy Can Help!

National Mistress Day and the days surrounding Feb. 13 are the best times to pin down a philanderer. So, you’ve got a three-day window. Therefore, anyone who’s cheating will more than likely be making contact with the person they’re cheating with. Call the Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy Detective Agency today at 888-393-7799. All cases are confidential.

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