Dear Cupid, next time hit both.

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Hello, Dear Cupid, next time hit both. Are you completely devoted to your significant other, but they aren’t giving the same vibe? Do you feel as if his part of the spark has died off?  Or maybe they’re just not acting like their usual self. If so, listen to your gut feeling and do some research. Call The Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy to get the evidence that you need.

Dear Cupid, It’s Me, Again

Valentines Day is the day that’s embraced with love, romance and compassion… On the morning of Valentines Day, women imagine waking up with a dozen roses on their bed stand with their favorite stuffed animal. Or getting flowers and lunch sent to their work place in front of their coworkers to show their appreciated.

Or the typical romantic candle light dinner with a heart shaped desert at the end. It’s very woman’s dream Valentines Day, even though we wont say so. But how will it really go? What will you expect? Will you get your romantic evening with the man you love? Or will you find out that you’re not the only one he’s been giving attention to?

These days women tend to be more stressed than excited with Valentines Day approaching. Not because they are worried about what they’ll be receiving but worrying about if their spouse will be spending Valentines Day at work… aka with their mistress. Most of the time they wont be with their mistress, they will usually spend most of the day with their girlfriend or wife. Although, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t thinking for his mistress as well. Men tend to think they are so clever until they misplace their floral receipt and you soon find out that he sent out two flower orders instead of one.

Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day is the busiest time of the year for florists, with having to put in multiple orders in for one person and having to travel to two or more locations. A significant number of cheating men purchase flowers for women they are involved with and whom they’re seeing on the side. Cheating men are also caught in the act due to getting their love notes mixed up. Sometimes either the florist or the cheating men mixes up the addresses, so the love notes are sent to the wrong locations. Not only men get caught in the act in this type of situation, but women as well. Sometimes flowers are being sent by their affair partner exposes cheating women.

Although women will be curious about what their boyfriends or husbands will be doing on Valentines Day, they should be focusing on the day before… February 13 is sometimes referred to as Mistress Day. In order to (somewhat)  spend the traditional Valentine’s Day together and exchange gifts, male and female cheating Valentines are more likely to get together with each other on Mistress Day. As a result,, Mistress Day is the perfect time to catch your significant other cheating. In conclusion, be aware of both days, not everyone knows about Mistress Day. But if they do, they are well aware that you don’t know about it.

Eye Spy Can Help!

Keep your eyes and ears open. If you can, check their pockets, glove compartments, and recent transactions. You may come to find out that he’s been celebrating Mistress Day with his other woman on the side. Dear Cupid, next time don’t hit more than one woman. If you think that your spouse or significant other may cheat, call Eye Spy the Michigan Private Investigators today at 888-393-7799 or visit us at

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