Who Is Your Partner Texting?

Cell Phone Investigations Forensics


Many times, deleted text messages paint a clear picture of infidelity. Let our computer forensics specialist analyze your partner’s phone. The goal is to find out who is your partner texting. We can successfully undelete text messages, pictures, contacts, applications, and web browsing history. Did the phone company deny your request for information? No problem. We have the most up to date software that real law enforcement agencies use. Don’t let crucial evidence slip away.

Have you ever wondered who is your partner texting?

Unfortunately, it is now a federal offense for anyone to provide phone call logs or phone bills to a person, without the phone subscribers written consent.

In other words, no private investigator can get you a copy of a persons phone bill.  If they claim they can, they are probably setting you up for arrest by the police or FBI. Phone records are off limits, so please don’t ask us to try and get them.  There are other means to prove what you are looking for, without risking prison time. Contact us today to find out what Eye Spy Private Detective Agency can do for you to with cell phone forensics, investigations, and data recovery. For more information call (888) 393-7799



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