Contractor Screening

Here's how an employment screening can save you time and money.


How can a Private Detective save you money with a Contractor Screening? Firstly, employment screening completed by a private detective is an important tool. Secondly, weeding out the bad ones will save you time and pain, in the long run. Here’s how an employment screening can save you time and money.

Need Help With Your Contractor Screening?

1. Hiring Employees: As your company grows, you’ll want to add staff to help you. No matter how careful you’re in the hiring method, you could be misled. For example,  you believe that a specific individual would be beneficial to your corporation. But, then you find out that this person has a mile long criminal record.

In addition, a screening can help you find out earlier if they have a criminal background or drug record.

2. Employee Morale: Using the wrong employees can create mayhem. Furthermore,  it can distress the other employees. It requires weeks to teach an employee the ropes.

A Pre employment check can help eliminate a person that might cause trouble. Thus, decreasing your danger and expense.

3. Time: Save yourself time by looking into their personal history first.

If you complete an employee screening first, then you’ll have a culled stack of applications to choose from.

Many fly-by-night corporations offer subcontractor screening, employment screening and pre-employee screening. The companies may produce results.  But what type of results are they? Who completes the employment screening? Is it carried out by software system or an actual individual? Employment Screening made by a private investigator agency tend to be more in depth because of being extensively educated. Call Eye Spy today (888) 393-7799


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