Michigan GPS Tracking and GPS Removal

Michigan GPS Tracking. Michigan GPS removal. Michigan Private Investigators can help.


Do you ever wonder what your partner is up to? With our Michigan GPS Tracking and Michigan GPS Removal service, you can find out exactly where your partner is going. Our highly accurate monitoring system, can be easily concealed in a person’s automobile. Whenever the individual stops, it is logged into our system. Please note: ONLY a Michigan Licensed Private Investigator can LEGALLY attach a GPS to a vehicle. Call the Michigan GPS Tracking and Michigan GPS Removal Specialists at Eye Spy today

Eye Spy Detective Agency uses state of the art professional grade 4G real-time GPS tracking solutions for our clients. These units work in areas where other trackers will not. The GPS tracking devices will work inside buildings and in parking garages. GPS devices are perfect for pinpointing their location anywhere in the US.

Best GPS Technology

Our GPS units are easy to conceal and provide you with real-time tracking updates. Do you suspect infidelity with some you know? We can install trackers on two vehicles and determine if the individuals are meeting up. We use 24/7 live monitoring, so if we see both vehicles at a hotel, we can immediately send an investigator out for video surveillance.

These units have superb accuracy and are perfect for executive protection, asset tracking, child locates and vehicle tracking. In addition, we provide our clients with continuous real-time tracking 24/7 along with detailed historical reporting and mapping.

We also provide these GPS trackers for rent. Thus, no technical experience needed no equipment to buy and no monthly fees. Furthermore, we do all the work and maintain the trackers for uninterrupted support 24/7. Do you need a GPS Tracking device to keep track of someone? We can help!

GPS Tracking

A GPS tracking device empowers a person using it, to precisely locate a vehicle or person or any thing that it is attached to. The licensed Michigan Private Investigators at Eye Spy can track your Spouse, Significant other or Teen and tell you exactly where they are.  Would you like to know how your new teen driver is doing behind the wheel? Are they really at the library OR at that “one” friends house? Find out now and save your self years of trouble later. Call Eye Spy today! For more information give us a call.

Is there a GPS on your vehicle?

GPS Removal: GPS Device Detection

In Michigan, a person cannot legally attach a GPS device to a vehicle, unless they are a licensed Private Investigator. They also cannot record you without your knowledge. This is a felony. Your privacy should not be compromised. You deserve justice. Call Eye Spy Today!

GPS Tracking and GPS Removal

If you suspect that someone has hidden a GPS tracking device on your car, you might be right! Most of these trackers are so well hidden that they are impossible to find. That’s why you need an expert to locate the device, and look for hidden listening devices.  Our superior equipment can detect electronic espionage and our unparalleled experience and knowledge can identify and locate those bugging devices. Get more information on bugs, wiretaps, and phone taps by calling the Michigan GPS Tracking and Michigan GPS Removal Specialists at Eye Spy today 888-393-7799. We have been in business for over 30 years!!

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