Drunk Texting

Drunk Texting

Drunk Texting

Drunk texting is a common thing for people to do nowadays.

But maybe a little too common for people who are in relationships with someone who isn’t their spouse.

Drunk texting is literal. It means texting someone when you’re drunk and you know what they say, drunk words are sober thoughts.

At Eye Spy we can retrieve deleted text messages out of your significant others phone. Maybe you saw in his or her phone they were texting their friends about a mistake they made and drunk texted their ex. Or maybe you saw that they had texted their ex and you want to see more of the conversation.

Sometimes people will upgrade to a new phone and throw their old one in a drawer or box. Even if they deleted texts messages, pictures, emails, etc. we can still pull it all up.

If you know the pass code to their current phone and want answers, we can pull anything up off of it as well.

If your significant other doesn’t have an old phone and you cant get a hold of their current phone, there’s still away to get the answers you want. A lot of people have iphones, and with an iphone there is a back up storage called icloud. If someone syncs their phone to the computer there is a way to get onto their icloud and pull up everything they once had on their phone.

Sometimes it can be done within a few hours, overnight, or a coupe of days. We have software’s that can pull up this information that our technician is professionalized in.

Everything we do is 100% confidential, by law you are protected. If you have any questions regarding your situation and would like to speak with a private investigator please call 586-285-5000

If you would like to hire a private investigator continue on this link herehttps://www.hellosign.com/s/9d21d518Drunk Texting

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